All Forms
Leisure Services 1 Form
Forms Customer Service Survey
RequestTracker Forms 30 Forms
Forms Check For Leaks
Forms Check Low Pressure
Forms Emergency Turn Off
Forms Exterior structure/maintenance to a structure - broken or missing doors or windows, boarded up windows, fire damage, leaning walls, sagging or holes in the roof. Building needs to be painted.
Forms Garbage/Recycling - Missed Pickup
Forms Junk, Inoperable and/or Abandoned Vehicle: Vehicle continuously parked, not driven regularly and/or expired tags or no tags. Vehicle parked on grass or vacant lot.
Forms Junk, trash and debris: Yard debris including household garbage, furniture, appliances and misc. junk.
Forms Online Bill Pay Issues
Forms Other
Forms Other violation
Forms Outdoor storage - Storing of scrap wood, metal, and/or motor parts but not limited to these items only.
Forms Outdoor storage of boats or recreational vehicles in front yard.
Forms Overgrowth: Grass or weeds over 12
Forms Replace Meter Box Top
Forms Report a blocked stormwater drain
Forms Report a broken sidewalk
Forms Report a Damaged Street Sign
Forms Report a pothole
Forms Report a Street Light Outage
Forms Report illegal dumping
Forms Report illicit Storm Water discharge
Forms Report misuse use of fertilizer
Forms Report Overhanging Branches/Downed Trees in Sidewalks and Streets
Forms Reset Meter Box
Forms Unpermitted work - any work that is completed without a permit (installation of a fence, roof replacement, installation of doors or windows).
Forms Unsafe pool - pool that is unsanitary or unsecured.
Forms Water Bill Questions
Forms Water Main Break
Forms Water Quality Investigation
Forms Zoning Violation - running a business out of a home without a local business tax receipt, temporary storage, storage of recreational vehicles.