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City of Cocoa Memorial Tree Planting Agreement and Policy

  1. City of Cocoa Memorial Tree Planting Agreement and Policy

    As approved by the Cocoa City Council on April 26, 2022.

    The following conditions must be agreed to by persons desiring to place a memorial tree within one of the City of Cocoa's parks and prior to the City Manager authorizing such a planting:

    1. Request for memorial tree plantings shall be provided in writing (by filling out this agreement) with an illustration attached, and must be received by the Public Works Department no later than 60 calendar days prior to the anticipated planting and/or dedication.

    2. Only those species of trees approved by the Public Works Department will be planted. The approved tree shall be a minimum of 8 feet in height.

    3. Memorial trees will be planted only in a location approved by the Public Works Department. Current and future open space availability, utility locations, site suitability, topography, drainage, characteristics of grass and shrubs, tree compatibility, and future maintenance needs shall be considered.

    4. The donor of the memorial tree will be responsible for the proper installation of the tree and all expenses associated with the planting. This includes but is not limited to, the cost of the tree, transportation of the tree to the planting site, planting of the tree (with City supervision), tree marker (must adhere to City's guidelines provided under item 6 below), and irrigation materials if required.

    5. The donor shall warranty tree health for a two-year period subsequent to the planting. The City shall provide routine trimming, maintenance, irrigation water (where necessary), and bedding maintenance to a standard level of service commensurate to all other City-owned trees. Should the tree die during the initial two-year period, the City shall not be liable for its replacement or cost reimbursement to the donor.

    6. In order to provide a consistent and uniform design throughout the City, only 4"x 8" embossed brass plate markers with welded stems, which will be anchored down with cement, shall be permitted. A printed proof of the marker must be approved by Public Works Department prior to production and installation.

    7. There will be a maximum of five markers allowed in any given City park. When the maximum has been reached, the donor must select another City park site to donate a tree and marker. The City Manager reserves the right to modify the number of markers per park site.

  2. Upload a file that will include the proposed species of tree for the memorial, the location of the tree (a map print out with an X marking the spot of the tree) and the proposed message on the marker.

  3. By typing my name in this form, I affirm the accuracy of information provided on this agreement. I understand that this constitutes a legal signature and confirms that I agree to the above terms and policies outlined in the City of Cocoa Tree Memorial Policy.

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