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Property Owner Request to Terminate Utility Service

  1. Property Owners requesting to terminate utility service to a single or multi-unit rental dwelling must complete this form.

  2. Property Owner Forwarding Mailing Address

  3. Service Address Requesting Termination

  4. I,

  5. am owner of the property described above, and I request that the water utility serviced by a water meter to such property be shut off on

  6. I further acknowledge and agree to the following:

  7. • Section 83.67, Florida Statutes, provides that a landlord of any dwelling unit shall not cause, directly or indirectly, the termination or interruption of any utility service furnished the tenant, including, but not limited to, water, heat, light, electricity, gas, elevator, garbage collection, or refrigeration, whether or not the utility service is under the control of, or payment is made by, the landlord.

  8. • This Section prohibits landlords from terminating utilities in an attempt to coerce tenants into vacating the premises. It does not prohibit temporary termination of utilities to perform necessary maintenance, alterations, and repairs.

  9. • Landlords violating this Section are subject to civil suit by their tenants and shall be liable to the tenant for actual and consequential damages or 3 months’ rent, whichever is greater, and costs, including attorney’s fees.

  10. • The City of Cocoa shall not be responsible for any civil damages awarded against the Landlord as a result of a violation of this Section. Compliance with the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is solely Landlord’s responsibility.

  11. • The City of Cocoa will attempt to provide a Notice of Termination to all affected dwelling units prior to utility shut off.

  12. By typing my name in this form, I affirm the accuracy of information provided on this application. I understand that this constitutes a legal signature and confirms that I agree to the above terms.

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