Have events been cancelled?

In accordance with the Center for Disease Control in order to keep the community and our employees safe, City Council has approved that all events and non-essential public meetings scheduled at City owned facilities from March 17, 2020 through June 30, 2020 be cancelled or rescheduled to a future date to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If an event chooses to cancel, we will be offering full refunds on any fees paid to the City for that event. The following special events/meetings were scheduled for this time period:

  • March 19 - YMCA Prayer Breakfast-Postponed
  • March 21 - Spring Break Family Picnic-Cancelled, possibly postponed
  • March 27 - Friday Fest-Cancelled
  • March 28 - Duck Race & Car Show-Duck Race will be held virtually, Car Show cancelled
  • March 28 - Cocoa Fire Department 100th Anniversary Open House-postponed
  • April 3 - VIP Run-postponed
  • April 4 - Trash Bash-postponed
  • April 4 - St. Mark’s Fundraiser-postponed
  • April 7 - City of Cocoa Citizens Academy, Community Services Presentation-postponed
  • April 8 - City of Cocoa Citizens Academy, Graduation at City Council-postponed
  • April 18 - Keep Brevard Beautiful Plant Sale-postponed
  • April 24 - Friday Fest-cancelled
  • April 25 - American Cancer Society Relay for Life-postponed
  • April 26 - Space Coast Tri-Cocoa Tri-postponed
  • May 2 - Preeclampsia Promise Walk-postponed
  • July 4 - Independence Day Celebration
  • For private rentals please contact our Leisure Services Division at (321) 639-3500 to reschedule your event or to seek a refund.

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