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Posted on: April 11, 2019

Cocoa Fire Department Awards Ceremony

The Cocoa Fire Department held their annual awards ceremony to recognize various employees of the Cocoa Fire Department and swear in five new firefighters to the department.  Awards included achievement awards, unit citations, service awards, Firefighter of the Quarter, Fire Chief’s Awards of Excellence, a celebration of year’s of service to the department, military service awards, certificates of recognition and the crowning of the 2017 and 2018 Firefighter of Year. 


Swearing In: 

Christopher Womack

John Polk

Ian Sheridan

Morgan Taylor

Riley Laney

Achievement Awards: 

FF Zachary Campbell-Pump Operator

FF Jeff Logan-Pump Operator

FF Alex Candelario-Pump Operator

D/O Bret Johnson-Fire Officer I

D/O Pat Madden-Fire Officer I

Unit Citations: 

District Chief Tom Redmond

Lt. Russell Sengel

Lt. Ed Mohesky

D/O Steve Register

D/O Mat Houyouse

FF Zachary Campbell

FF Raymond Rivers

FF Brandon Lang

FF Howard Peckham

Service Awards: 

FF Alex Candelario


Firefighter of the Quarter: 

October-December 2018

FF Alex Candelario

Fire Chief ‘s Award of Excellence: 

District Chief Tom Redmond

D/O Pat Madden 

FF Jamie Davis

District Chief Brad Hall

Lt. Nick Slaughter

Lt. Shane Proctor 

D/O Luis Justiniano

FF Alex Candelario 

Lt. Ed Bragg

Fire Inspector Nick Gerry 

D/O Brian Ackerman

FF Ryan Barton 

Lt. Bruce Hutchinson

D/O Eric Holt

D/O Bret Johnson 

FF Jorge Abreu

FF Alex Candelario 

FF Mark Harper

FF Sam Steele 

Celebration of Service: 

Lt. Jim  Batterton-30

Lt. Russell Sengel-25

Lt. Nick Slaughter-15

D/O Eric Holt-15

FF Howard Peckham-15

FF Jorge Abreu-15

D/O Brian Ackerman-10

D/O Charles Burkhardt-10

D/O Matt Holladay-10

D/O Luis Justiniano-10

D/O Steve Register-10

FF Raymond Rivers-10

FF Garrett Kehoe-10

FF Jamie Davis-10

FF Zachary Campbell-10

D/O Pat Madden-5

FF Daniel Jean-5

FF Laura Thompson-5

Military Service Awards: 

FF Sam Steele

FF Garrett Kehoe

FF Mark Harper

FF John Polk

Certificate of Recognition: 

Chad Laston

Gary Palmer 

Ed Wegerif

Mitch Lawyer 

Chris Perry

Jason McCuen 

District Chief Tom Redmond

District Chief Brad Hall 

District Chief Dave Rocque

D/O Charles Burkhardt 

Wendy Stiteler

Dee Lanza 

Kathy Dorans

Shadrena Jones 

Lynn Conley

Eric Gutierrez 

Sharla Roman

Megan Carrothers 

Sarah Codding

April Staton 

Art Robinson

Vicky Barkley 

Caitlin Deyo

Michelle Perry


Firefighter of the Year 2017: 

D/O Pat Madden

Firefighter of the Year 2018: 

Lt. Ed Bragg

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