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Dec 16

Marci Davis

Posted on December 16, 2020 at 4:45 PM by Rachel Horst

Marci Davis is a lifelong resident of Cocoa and a proud graduate of Cocoa High School. In 2014, she earned a bachelor's degree in human resources from Barry University. She is currently the Operations Manager at Celebration Tabernacle where she has
worked since 2010.
Davis became a Volunteer Cop (VCOP) in February, 2020, where she has served the city well, and was recently named VCOP of the 3rd Quarter. “I love serving my community and being actively involved,” she said. “My experience as a VCOP has broadened my understanding of what our community needs.”
As a VCOP, Davis is part of a team that patrols local neighborhoods, assists with special events throughout the city, conducts house checks for residents and business owners on vacation, and assists police officers and city staff with whatever duties are requested. Davis embraces her role as an opportunity to help others and provide support where needed. Since taking on the role, Davis describes a newfound awareness and ability to identify where help is needed and how to connect people to resources that can have a positive life changing impact. “I encourage anyone who wants to make a difference to participate in the VCOP program,” she said. “You are literally joining forces with a group of people whose mission is to help others, which helps bring strength and unity to Marci Davis with another officer and kids in shopping cartour wonderful city.”


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