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Dec 16

Vacuum Truck Replacement - Your Stormwater Dollars At Work

Posted on December 16, 2020 at 4:37 PM by Rachel Horst

The City of Cocoa is 
public works employees working with vacuum truck
remodeling it’s Storm
water Vacuum Truck which is currently
 on a 1985 chassis. The equipment from the truck is being moved to a 2021 Mack chassis. This process will save the City nearly $400,000 by not having to replace the entire vehicle and should increase the service life of the vehicle for another 20 years. The Stormwater Division uses this vehicle to clean out debris from storm drains. This vehicle refurbishment is being done by the manufacturer near Jacksonville, FL and should be complete by March or April 2021. Due to the weight of the vehicle, this process cannot be done in house. This project is part of the 10-year Stormwater Master Plan.