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Oct 05

Pineda Street Roadway Project

Posted on October 5, 2020 at 2:57 PM by Rachel Horst

Pineda street began as a standard roadway milling and resurfacing project but quickly revealed some failing underlying structural issues of the roadway needed to be replaced as well. Early on in the project, Public Works staff sought out a geotechnical investigation of the roadway to evaluate the structural integrity of the roadway base. This report revealed that the underlying components of the roadway were failing and needed to be replaced.
A full depth reclamation was completed which rebuilds the roadway by recycling the existing roadway material and extends the life of the road. The sidewalks were also reconstructed and a custom design crosswalk to Endeavour Elementary will offer inspiring messages for some of our youngest Cocoa residents on their way to and from school each day. This project is scheduled to be complete in the fall of this year.heavy equipment working on road