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Jul 02

Westminster Asbury

Posted on July 2, 2019 at 3:51 PM by Rachel Horst

Westminster Asbury has gone above and beyondcollage of images of Westminster Asbury residents picking up trash, Mayor Jake Williams, Jr. helping in their efforts to keep Cocoa beautiful and hope to continue doing so. As a local senior living center, their residents are quiet, but their
actions in the community are indeed loud. Helping control the pollution in bordering streets to the apartments, this group of volunteers strike inspiration and hope in the hearts of all who pass.

Although known to be a local retirement community with caring administrative and maintenance staff, they want to be known for much more than just that. Within this community there are opportunities for the seniors living there to give back even more than they already have to the city they love. With the guidance of Josephine Brooks and Natalie Beach, service coordinators, a lovely group of about 17 volunteers came together to pick up trash along the roads on nearby strips to the property complex. 

After the recent initial organization of the group, there was no turning back once that feeling of giving back struck. “Getting everyone together and seeing them have fun is by far the most
memorable part of this experience,” says Brooks. The inspiration for the formation of this band of volunteers keeping Cocoa clean is as simple as can be. ”Bringing everyone together is the
ultimate goal, the smiles on their faces were the inspiration.” With pure intentions of a cleaner neighborhood, more are hoping to gather in the future and possibly broaden their area of

On average, the clean up day lasted from two to three hours and the volunteers are hoping to be out there as frequently as every month. Although this was a first for these volunteers, “just a few months ago it was an idea.” And what an idea it was! With their first walk from the apartments, Dixon, to Fiske and back, there was a little over 15 bags of trash collected, that’s almost one bag per person. 

The ultimate goal for this organization was to do good for their residents interested in the living facility as well as keeping the area clean for their active residents. “I’m always called from
people out of state wanting to move if it’s a nice area, I wanted to be able to prove that the area and people we house are indeed more than nice,” says Brooks.

-Written by Public Relations Assistant,
Makenzie Toler