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Apr 20

Paul Kamus - Board of Trustees for the Police Officer's Retirement Plan

Posted on April 20, 2018 at 5:08 PM by Samantha Senger

Retired Cocoa Firefighter Paul Kamus is a dedicated resident and volunteer for the City of Cocoa.  After dedicating 25 years serving the residents of Cocoa as a Cocoa Firefighter, Paul retired in 2011.  Even though he retired from his employment, he did not retire from his dedication and service to the residents and to the City of Cocoa. 
Paul was appointed to the Board of Trustees for the Police Officer’s Retirement Plan in 2009 and has served in that capacity ever since, being unanimously reappointed each term.  

Most days you will see Paul picking up trash around his neighborhood, keeping his community beautiful.  You may even notice him riding his bike around town picking up trash throughout the City.  He has also been a dedicated participant of the Health First Mayor’s Fitness Challenge each year, attending all of the community events and logging in his fitness hours.

Paul also attends most community events and participates in any way he can along with his wife Kathy.  The City of Cocoa thanks our great volunteers like Paul Kamus for his dedication and commitment to the community.  


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