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Apr 11

George Brown - 2014 Volunteer of the Year

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 9:08 AM by Samantha Senger

George Brown has been a volunteer for the City of Cocoa for 34 years. He has served on four different boards including Code Enforcement Board, Beautification Board, Police Advisory Board and the Re-development Board with his longest time, 32 years, being on the Code Enforcement Board. The need to want to help the City get things in order and have a better place to live was his motivation to begin volunteering for the City of Cocoa.

George enjoys meeting the people that make our city function and states that is his favorite part about being a volunteer. He encourages more citizens to get involved in their community by becoming a volunteer. His advice is to make sure you can commit to your assignment. Make sure you can make all of the meetings because the boards can’t function without all of the volunteers who have committed their time. Decide to be involved.
George’s biggest pet peeve is when street lights are out. George will drive around the city and make sure to report street light outages to FPL. He says, “Street Lights were made to be on at night.”
George enjoys working with various employees throughout the City but asked that we make special mention of Rhonda Dingman from Public Works who he says makes the City function better with people like Rhonda around to get the job done!

George Brown


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