Councilmember Lorraine Koss-District 4

Welcome - I’m glad you’ve looked me up.  I’m eager to hear from you!  Don’t hesitate to contact me by cell phone or email.  I'm happy to meet you at City Hall, too, just call me to set a time.

I’ve been your Council Member for District 4 since November 2018.  I’m grateful to the resounding 65% of you that supported me with your vote.  If you didn’t vote for me, or you are new to the area, I hope to win your confidence by being an energetic representative for you and Cocoa's most pressing needs and brightest future.  Together, we will make positive change for Cocoa.  If you want to follow our activity, sign up to receive my quarterly report to District 4.

I love Cocoa.  Just like you I want to see it reach its full potential.  I think we can do that by building on our unique identity, our strengths, and by being a more inclusive city government.  I intend to make sure all citizens are heard and feel welcome to participate in our democracy.  By doing so, we may all feel a little more inspired to act for the Good of Cocoa.

I NEED POINT PEOPLE on various issues e.g., housing, crime, parks, architecture, transportation, to name a few.  If you have an interest, or expertise, please consider letting me know and helping with research to develop direction and policy.

My background is in public service.  Specifically, I worked in nonprofits communicating water issues and developing policy.  I retired as Deputy Director to the U.S. Water Alliance and served 18 years as a Senior Manager for the Water Environment Federation.  My undergraduate is from Trinity University in Communications and my master’s degree is in Environmental Management from Duke University. 

I have two adult sons, both served honorably in the U.S. Navy with numerous tours in Iraq.  My 10-year-old grandson is my pride and joy.  Larry, my husband is a Brevard native, contract employee, and Tech Engineer at KSC who works with NASA scientists on water use in space.  He is the love of my life and greatest supporter by making it possible for me to dedicate my time and talents for the Good of Cocoa.