NIMS Training Instructions

Step One

Go to FEMA's Training website to enter the FEMA NIMS Resource Center. You are encouraged to navigate this site to learn more about the NIMS Program.

Step Two

Click on “NIMS Training”.
step two

Step Three

Click on “NIMS Courses”.
step three

Step Four

Select the course you are required to take and click on the link. For example, to take the IS-100 course, click on the course titled IS-100.a - Introduction to the Incident Command System.
step four

Step Five

Once you click on the above referenced course, you will find three options on the right side of this site.

The First Section Titled “Take this Course” is the interactive EMI Learning Site.Click on this to take the course you selected on the previous screen.

The Second Section Titled “Downloads for Classroom” are useful study materials.Click on this to take you to course study materials.

The Third Section Titled “Take Final Exam” is for you to complete the required exam.Click on this link to take the final exam for the course you selected previously.

When you start the exam, follow the instructions. When you have successfully completed the exam, you will receive a certificate via the email system. When prompted to do so, make sure you provide a City email address to receive your certificate.The Department may require that you use one email address as a collection point for all certificates of completion.Or, you may use your city issued email address, and forward a copy of your certificate to your Department contact, and then the information will be forwarded to Human Resources prior to the testing deadline.The copy of your certificate will be maintained in your City of Cocoa Personnel File.
step five

It is important to remember that if you transfer to a different position within the City of Cocoa, please check with your supervisor to make sure you take any additional testing, if required.You may follow the steps in this “How To” section of the Employee Emergency Response Manual.

You are strongly encouraged to visit this site whenever you feel that you need to refresh your skills and knowledge.This online learning tool provides valuable training in the event it is required to do your job.