NIMS Levels of Training

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Entry Level

This group includes
ALL City Personnel & Elected Officials.  Two courses required:

First Line, Single Resource, Field Supervisors

This group includes skilled support personnel; Maintenance Worker IIIs, Supervisors, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents; Managers, Directors.  3 to 5 courses required:
  • IS-700
  • ICS-100
  • ICS-200
  • ICS-300 (Public Safety Only; Classroom requirements)
  • ICS-400 (Public Safety Only; Classroom requirements)
Mid-level Management: Strike Team Leaders, Division Supervisors, EOC Staff, etc.
This group includes the City Manager, all Directors, Managers, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and anyone who will or may be needed to work in the EOC during an activation.  This group would also include personnel included in ESF #18 – Damage Assessment after an activation.  8 courses required:
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