• Start: $45,073
  • Top Officer: $70,512
The following is in addition to the base salary:

Shift Differential Pay (Patrol Division)

  • Afternoon shift: $1,040 yearly
  • Midnight shift: $1,560 yearly

Education Incentives

  • 2 year college degree: $360 yearly
  • 4 year college degree: $960 yearly
  • Salary incentive max: $1560 yearly

Overtime Pay

Members working overtime will be compensated at time and one half rate; members may elect to take that in pay or compensatory time.

Holiday Pay

Members will be compensated for 100 hours of holiday pay yearly. The holidays will be paid the 2nd payday in September at the member’s hourly rate.

Pay Plan Examples for Police Officer

First Year Base Salary: $45,073
  • Prior experience incentive pay:  2.25% per year of experience up to 5 years
  • No prior experience/Academy Graduate: Receives $3,200 signing bonus. (Must successfully complete field training, and 2 years of service.
  • 100 hours holiday pay: $2,166 (at base pay)
  • Shoe allowance: $125
  • Example pay: $45,073 (base)
  • With 5 Years Experience: $50,143
  • Four year college degree: $960 or $1560 w/ prior LEO Education Incentive
  • Additional incentives available for specialty assignments. (See benefits tab for details)