Health Insurance

Members may choose to elect healthcare from the current healthcare provider at no cost to the employee. Coverage includes healthcare, dental, and vision. Family coverage is available at 50% cost to the member. The City's healthcare clinic also provides free healthcare access to employees and dependents (must participate in the City's insurance). A doctor is on staff throughout the week, and approximately 200 medications are available for free.

Life Insurance

Members have the availability in life insurance plans offered by the City of Cocoa. All members receive a default life insurance policy matching their base pay up to $50,000.


Members are vested following 10 years of service and may collect at age 50. Members, who serve for 25 years, are eligible to collect immediately at 75% of their best 5 years of service. Cocoa Police Department accrues retirement at 3% yearly.

DROP Program

A retirement plan offered to those members that are vested at 10 years of service or more, and qualify by normal age requirement (Age 50). The DROP Program accumulates up to 5 years of salary while members still receive their regular pay.


Years of Service
Number of Hours
80 Hours
120 Hours
144 Hours
15 Plus
176 Hours

Members also receive their birthday off with pay.

Sick Leave

Members accrue 8 hours of sick leave per month for a total of 96 hours yearly. The City of Cocoa embraces a sick leave incentive program where members can sell back up to 32 hours of sick time yearly. 8 hours is subtracted for each sick day used.

Take Home Vehicle

Upon completion of the field training and evaluation program, the member is issued a take home police vehicle within 50 miles of city limits.


During an officer’s career, he or she is provided with all uniforms, weapons, leather gear, flashlights, $125 annual boot allowance, a laptop computer, and other necessary equipment.

Military Benefits

Paid military leave is available for members serving their annual military reserve or national guard commitment.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of your field training program and probationary period, you may wish to apply for a specialized position such as:

  • Criminal Investigations Detective with 5% incentive
  • Special Investigations Agent with 5% incentive
  • Field Training Officer with 5% incentive while training
  • Community Engagement Unit
  • K-9
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Crisis Negotiations
  • Traffic Homicide
  • School Resource Officer
  • Traffic Unit