Public Works Department - Capital Projects Division

Capital Projects Division

The Capital Projects Division provides project management and design support services for the City's Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The division functions in conjunction with all City Departments to coordinate project tasks at the development, evaluation, planning, and implementation phases of capital projects. It also serves the Facilities, Streets, and Stormwater Divisions and the parks and grounds division with "in house" project assessment, design, and coordination. The Capital Projects Division provides team support in the acquisition of funding, through grants and other programs, and provides continuous monitoring and updating of the capital improvements program process for the City.

Some upcoming Capital Projects include the Porcher House in FY-2006, Cocoa Conservation Area in FY-2007, and a New City Hall in FY-2008. Questions regarding past, present or future Capital Projects please contact Gary Palmer,Capital Projects Division Manager.

*** Porcher House ***

Porcher House 1.JPGThe Porcher House under went a Historical structural restoration in 2006. The Porcher House had a reopening on February 15, 2007. For more information regarding this Historical site click on Porcher House and you can see the floor plans and any details of events and history behind this house.



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