Predatory Lending

Predatory mortgage lending practices strip borrowers of home equity and threaten families with foreclosure, destabilizing the very communities that are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our nation’s economic success.

If you believe you have been a victim of predatory lending practices, there are Federal agencies that can help. Please refer to the list of agencies below and contact the organization that you think can help address your specific problem:
  • Protect yourself from predatory lenders. For information about loan fraud and advice about preventing it, see Don't Be A Victim of Loan Fraud.
  • Get local information on predatory lending. View local resources that can help you avoid being a victim of predatory lending.
  • Find information about FHA loans. For problems relating to origination, underwriting, or appraisals contact the FHA Resource Center at (800) 225-5342 (800-CALLFHA).
  • Avoid foreclosure on an FHA loan. Visit the HUD National Servicing Center or contact them toll-free at (888) 297-8685.
  • Make a complaint about a non-FHA mortgage loan. For complaints concerning practices that include disclosure of interest rates and finance charges (APR), prepayment penalties, credit life insurance, fraud, deception, etc., contact the appropriate agency to complain about the mortgage lender or mortgage broker.
  • Seek guidance about a lender threatening to foreclose or mortgage in default. HUD funds housing counseling agencies throughout the country. Call toll-free (800) 569-4287 immediately for free guidance or visit the website.
  • Research settlement procedures (FHA and non-FHA mortgages). Get information about RESPA disclosure requirements such as the Good Faith Estimate, HUD-1 and escrow account statements, and how to file a complaint with your lender concerning the servicing of your loan.
  • File a housing discrimination complaint. Discrimination in mortgage lending is prohibited by the federal Fair Housing Act and HUD's Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity actively enforces those provisions of the law. The Fair Housing Act can help you fight predatory lending.