Supplemental Reclaim Water Sources

Supplemental Water Sources

The City of Cocoa began providing reclaimed water to its residents in 1991 as an option to discharging waste water effluent into the Indian River Lagoon. The distribution system has expanded annually due to the city council's commitment to provide service to all citizens of Cocoa desiring said service.

Continued Expansion

The system serves approximately 1,900 customers. Continued expansion of the distribution system has resulted in demand for reclaimed water in excess of available waste water effluent. In 2002, the Water Reclamation Facility treated an annual average of 2.84 mgd of waste water. Reclaimed water demand during the same period was 2.49 mgd. Demands exceeding 100% of the waste water effluent are met by utilizing supplemental sources such as storm water or ground water. Cocoa has been able to maintain a continuous supply of reclaimed water to our customers.