Water Testing

Drinking Water Testing & Analysis

As always, we are committed to providing the best quality drinking water. Highly trained environmental analysts and plant operators from Cocoa's Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and our NELAC (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation conference) certified laboratory perform chemical analysis and bacteriological tests from samples taken at the WTP and from 75 sample points throughout Cocoa's water system. These qualified technicians are happy to disclose results from any samples they collect, whether taken at the WTP or at locations throughout the system.

Water Testing Services Awareness

Responding to numerous calls concerning "free water testing services" from companies who include in their company titles words like "Florida" and "utilities", Cocoa Utilities representatives are informing customers that the City of Cocoa does not represent these companies or endorse their testing methodology.

Water treatment salespeople use many tactics, including the sludge test - exaggerating the amount of minerals in water and making it seem harmful. The color change test - using a chemical to change water color making the homeowner think the water is contaminated. And horror stories - showing news articles about toxic waste, etc.

Information Test & Results Interpretation

Brevard County Health Department
Ph: (321) 454-7111

Water Treatment

Our NELAC certified laboratory analyzes water quality throughout the treatment process and distribution system to ensure safe drinking water is delivered to our customers. Cocoa's water averages a moderate 6.7 grains per gallon hardness or approximately 115 ppm as calcium carbonate.