weVENTURE - Bisk College of Business at Florida TechweVENTURE Women's Business Center at Florida Tech's Bisk College of Business' (weVENTURE WBC) mission is to accelerate sustainable business growth for entrepreneurs and business owners (both male and female) by providing customized coaching, business education, mentoring and networking programs. weVENTURE WBC is focused on and committed to delivering results and making a real difference to businesses in Cocoa. weVENTURE WBC produces quantifiable results and we are recognized for our leadership in providing a wealth of high-quality resources to entrepreneurs interested in starting and growing their businesses, networking, developing leadership skills, and advancing their careers.

weVENTURE WBC will develop a customized educational program for each applicant chosen to participate in UpStart Cocoa, including coaching intended to assist entrepreneurs and existing businesses with refining their business plan.

UpStart Cocoa Participation

weVENTURE WBC will participate in UpStart Cocoa in the following ways:

  • Designating a staff member to participate as a committee member of the UpStart Cocoa Review Committee, which shall meet as necessary to review initial applications for the UpStart Cocoa Program, make funding recommendations to the Cocoa City Council following applicant completion of coursework, and make recommendations regarding further action as a result of a grantee's default. weVENTURE WBC acknowledges that the UpStart Cocoa Review Committee's actions are subject to the Sunshine Law and shall be conducted in accordance with such law; and
  • Developing a customized educational and coaching program for each applicant chosen to participate in UpStart Cocoa that will last approximately 24 weeks; and
  • Completing a recommendation "worksheet" upon each applicant's completion of the 24-week educational and coaching program identifying the best possible expenditures eligible for a Forgivable Loan.

Education & Coaching Scope of Services

weVENTURE WBC shall provide direct business support in a customized, accessible way utilizing proven programs of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) WBC model to each applicant chosen by the UpStart Cocoa Review Committee for participation in UpStart Cocoa. Applicants will need to complete the SBA required 641 client registration form in addition to any registration process required by UpStart Cocoa.

weVENTURE WBC shall provide the following Education and Coaching Services:

  • Business Coach: A weVENTURE WBC Business Coach (BC) will be available to serve on the UpStart Cocoa Review Committee to vet applications for the grant funding.
  • Tailored Educational Coursework: For each approved applicant, weVENTURE WBC BC will create a tailored educational program, which may include elements such as peer group training sessions with subject matter experts on topics such as human resources, marketing, accounting and finance, supply chain/logistics, and customer service; self-paced training modules; group learning; and subject matter expert (SME) coaching to ensure all clients receive support or training on the key elements unique to their needs. If appropriate for the applicant, weVENTURE WBC may place an applicant in either the IGNITE 360 ™ PATHWAYS pre-existing track for walking aspiring entrepreneurs through the business start-up process or the IGNITE 360 ™ TRANSITION pre-existing track for already existing small businesses to encourage capacity building and sustainable business growth. However, weVENTURE WBC may completely customize the educational coursework for each applicant and may use a combination of any of the above-described elements for any particular applicant. The tailored educational program for each applicant shall consist of a minimum of 2 hours per week during the approximately 24-week program.

IGNITE 360 ™ Program Details

  1. weVENTURE WBC engages more than 70 experienced mentors, subject matter experts and Florida Tech faculty who are dedicated to client success.
  2. The IGNITE 360 ™ Model was designed at and trademarked by Florida Tech for weVENTURE WBC.
  3. The IGNITE 360 ™ model allows our organization to accelerate sustainable business growth for emerging and second-stage companies across all industries. A custom team of mentors works with each client to address specific targeted outcomes, such as workforce capability at different management levels, operational capacity to create and retain jobs, and ability to expand product or service offerings.

IGNITE 360 ™ Program Portfolio of Services

  1. Startup Businesses
    • IGNITE 360 ™ PATHWAYS walks aspiring entrepreneurs through the start-up process, laying a solid foundation for their business to grow on.
  2. Established Businesses
    • IGNITE 360 ™ TRANSITION is for business owners ready to focus on strategy and business fundamentals to build a strong foundation for growth or change.
    • IGNITE 360 ™ ADVANTAGE is for emerging business that are ready to build a strong foundation for growth.


We are ready to support the success of UpStart Cocoa and here's why:

  • We understand the need for programs focused on women and minority business owners.
  • We have a proven track record of business support and technical services to the business communities and our resources partners.
  • We achieve measurable performance outcomes for our clients and positively impact our local economy through job creation, revenue growth, and business expansion.
  • We have been recognized by the SBA for our contributions to our community of women and minority owned businesses.

What Selected Applicants Can Expect

  • Up to 4 hours of dedicated Business Coaching for each applicant at the onset of the program, to fully asses the business and identify outcomes and objectives for the applicant's educational program.
  • A tailored educational program plan summarizing the major elements of each applicant's plan and approximate number of hours to be spent on each element within 14 business days of the applicant's initial meeting with weVENTURE WBC.
  • A business finance worksheet as needed to acquire UpStart Cocoa funding within seven business days following an applicant's completion of the educational coursework program.