Workforce Training & Education

CareerSource Brevard

The City of Cocoa's workforce needs are served by CareerSource Brevard. CareerSource Brevard is 1 of 24 total regional workforce boards in Florida carrying out the mission of Workforce Florida Inc., "to develop strategies that help Floridians enter, remain and advance in the workforce to support economic development and strengthen the State's business climate."

CareerSource Brevard provides a number of services and programs to our local business community to include hiring qualified employees, posting job openings, job fairs, and workshops and seminars on hiring or reduction in workforce, as well as provide assistance on a number of incentive and training grant programs through the State.

CareerSource Brevard helps businesses to bridge the gap between having employees needing targeted skills and having a well-qualified workforce. CareerSource Brevard instituted a number of initiatives to aid local businesses with the difficulties of growth and employee development, such as the coordination of customized training efforts helping our local businesses tackle a skill inequity in the labor force.


Grant and incentive programs allowing companies to subsidize the costs associated with training of employees are available through:

  • Employed Worker Training Grant
  • Incumbent Worker Training Grant
  • Quick Response Training Incentive

CareerSource Brevard also offers an On-The-Job Training (OJT) program for companies looking to hire displaced workers and provide the employee(s) with targeted training. In addition, CareerSource Brevard offers assistance to those businesses seeking to hire unemployed aerospace talent, reimbursing your business a percentage of initial wages for up to six months.

For more information on programs and services offered by CareerSource Brevard, visit the CareerSource Brevard website, call 321-504-7600, or send an email.