Annexing Into the City of Cocoa

About Annexation

Annexation is a process outlined in the Florida Statutes whereby property owners located outside the corporate city limits of Cocoa (unincorporated Brevard County) decide to locate within the incorporated municipal boundaries of Cocoa. While there is no cost to the property owner for processing an annexation request, tax rates and certain fees and charges do differ between Brevard County and the City of Cocoa. There are many tangible and intangible benefits of annexing property into the City of Cocoa.

For more information on annexations, visit the Annexation FAQ.

Benefits to Annexation

All residents and business owners within Cocoa City Limits receive a 10% reduction on the water utility bill as well as a 25% reduction on sewer and reclaimed water. Additional intangible benefits of annexing into Cocoa include responsive police and fire services, proactive business environment and code enforcement, streamlined and competitive permit fees, additional representation from local district council member, and available local economic development and community redevelopment grant and incentive programs as well as marketing and promotion of available commercial and industrial property located within Cocoa City Limits.

In addition, the City of Cocoa and Brevard County entered into a mutual aid agreement for shared fire services to ensure that all residents in the unincorporated areas are receiving services, whether from the County or the City. You may already receive services provided by Cocoa Fire Department. The unit responding to your requests is dependent upon the drive time to the nearest fire station, and availability of service. Once annexed into Cocoa City Limits, the responding unit for law enforcement will be the Cocoa Police Department. The Cocoa Police Department has 3.7 officers per 1,000 persons versus Brevard County with 1.67 sheriff officers per 1,000 persons within the unincorporated area.

For more information, contact the City's Planning and Zoning Department via email or at 321-433-8535.

Annexation Survey

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