Cocoa Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

About the Cocoa CRA

The Cocoa CRA is located from the northern boundary of Mitchell Street, with the western boundary at the Florida East Coast Railroad, eastern boundary along the western shoreline of the Indian River and the southern boundary at Rosa L. Jones Drive. 

The Cocoa CRA was established through City of Cocoa Ordinance No. 10-81 (PDF) and is governed by a 7-member board, which meets on the 1st Monday of every month at 6 p.m. at Cocoa City Hall at 65 Stone Street in Cocoa Village.

Redevelopment Agency Board Rules and Procedures

The Agency shall consist of the five City of Cocoa Council members and two additional members who reside or are engaged in business in the corporate limits of the City per Section 163.357 Florida Statutes.  The two additional members are chosen by Council through an application and verification process.  The terms of the two additional members shall be four (4) years.  The CRA members follow the Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (Part III of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes).

Cocoa CRA Board Members
Agency Chairperson - Michael C. Blake, Mayor
Agency Vice Chair - 
LaVander Hearn, District 2
Agency Member - James "Alex" Goins, District 1
Agency Member - Rip Dyal, District 3
Agency Member - Lorraine Koss, District 4
Agency Member - Candace Rogers
Agency Member - Janne Etz

Cocoa CRA Documents

Cocoa CRA 2023 Meeting Schedule

  • January 10
  • February 6
  • March 6
  • April 3
  • May 1
  • June 5
  • July 3
  • August 7
  • September 5 (Special Meeting - Does not fall on regular night)
  • October 2
  • November 6
  • December 4

Commercial Façade Improvement Program

The Cocoa Community Redevelopment Agency administers matching grants up to $10,000 for qualified properties through the Commercial Façade Improvement Program

Cocoa CRA Plans

Cocoa CRA Projects

603 Brevard Avenue FKA Old City Hall Site (New Hotel)

The Cocoa CRA owns the property at 603 Brevard Avenue and, in accordance with the CRA's Redevelopment Plan, seeks to redevelop the property as an upper midscale (AAA "three diamond" minimum), mixed-use, 100+ room hotel project with structured hotel and public parking (100 free (unless metered by the City) public spaces some of which will be for electric vehicles) within the project.  In furtherance of this CRA objective, the RFP has been issued in accordance with Section 163.380, Florida Statutes.  As such, the CRA shall consider all proposals consistent with this RFP and the financial and legal ability of the persons making such proposals to carry them out; and the CRA may negotiate with the selected proposer for the purchase, lease, or other transfer of the subject property for the purposes of constructing a hotel project and meeting the objective of the RFP.  

Deadline:  Responses are due by 3:00pm, April 18, 2023.

Read the full RFP

Dredging Project

The City received a Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) Grant in 2020 to complete the engineering analysis of the boat channel from the existing boat ramp out to the end of the City's submerged land lease.  The analysis will determine how much dredging will need to take place to remove muck and silt to allow for larger vessels to dock and launch from Lee Wenner Park.  The analysis project will lead to a dredging activity in 2021.

Boat Ramp Rehabilitation Project

The City received a Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) Grant in 2020 to complete the engineering design on the existing boat ramp.  This design project will lead to a construction project in 2021 of the boat ramp and launching areas.

 Annual Reports
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report