City Logo Use Policy and Application



To establish a policy and procedures regarding the use of the City of Cocoa’s official corporate logo (“Logo”). The Logo is a graphic symbol that identifies the City of Cocoa as an organization and is often the primary means by which the public forms an image of the City.  The Logo is also  considered and perceived by the public as a symbol of the authority and jurisdiction of the City and, as such, is a valuable asset of the City and its citizens. This policy is intended  to provide a process under which only appropriate uses of the Logo are authorized by the City Council or City Manager. (See Exhibit A).

This policy does not apply to the use of the City Seal which is governed by Section 165.043, Florida Statutes, which provides the manufacture, use, display, or other employment of any facsimile or reproduction of the City seal, except by City officials or employees in the performance of their official duties, without the express approval of the City Council is a second degree misdemeanor punishable by law.


  1. The City of Cocoa’s Logo is the property of the City, used for the purpose of certifying official records and to identify City programs, initiatives, partnerships and sponsorships.
  2. The City Logo shall be used for official purposes only, or as authorized by a majority vote of the City Council (“City Council”) or the City Manager. 
  3. No person shall use a symbol that imitates the City Logo, or that may be mistaken therefore, that is designed, intended or likely to confuse, deceive or mislead the public, for private or commercial purposes, or for any purpose other than for the official business of the City, without written authorization from the City Manager. 
  4. No person shall use the City Logo for purposes of supporting or opposing the nomination or election to any City or other public office of himself or herself or any other person, or for purposes of supporting or opposing any ballot measure, nor include such City Logo on any writing distributed for purposes of influencing the action of the electorate or any part thereof, in any election.
  5. The City Logo may be used on City buildings, elected official pins, City business cards, City letterhead, calendars, public notices, resolutions, awards, and other formal places authorized by the City Council or City Manager. 
  6. Use of the official City Logo may be used in general connection with official City of Cocoa brochures, publications, insignias, postings, website, painting, pamphlets and City of Cocoa promotional materials. It may  also be used on City vehicles, equipment, and fixtures such as signage.
  7. If used by an outside organization upon the approved, written consent of the City Manager, the Logo must remain in its entirety with no alterations. 
  8. All non-City usage, including non-profit usage, requires written City authorization before such usage is allowed. 
  9. On occasion, the City will authorize the usage of the City Logo for signature events or other promotional measures that benefit the community. Any such approval should be considered for the specific event, time and use so approved by the City in writing. Prior approval of a use shall not constitute approval for any future or recurring use. 


  1. Any organization wishing to use the official Logo shall make an application for such use to the City Manager’s office on the application form. 
  2. The City Manager shall review such applications and determine whether the applicants should be approved or denied. 
  3. Denials 
    • In the case of a denial, an organization may make a written appeal of the City Manager’s decision within fourteen (14) days of the City Manager’s decision to the City Council, or the City Manager’s decision shall be deemed final. The written appeal shall state with specificity the reason why the use of the Logo should be allowed, and the City Manager’s decision reversed. Appeals shall be filed with the City Clerk’s office. 
    • The appeal shall be placed on the next available City Council agenda.
    • The City Council may affirm the City Manager’s decision or direct the City Manager to allow the usage of the Logo. The decision of the City Council shall be final.


The City Manager or designee has responsibility for the enforcement of this policy. 

Exhibit A

Cocoa Logo Love Cocoa FL logoCocoa LogoOpen for business logo
Fire Department logoStormwater logoCocoa Fleet logoCocoa Police Patch

Diamond Square Logo
upstart cocoa logoCocoa Works logoCocoa CRA logo

Application for permission to use the City of Cocoa Logo