Board of Adjustment

 Type Rate
Appeal of Administrative Decision $250
Special Exception $250
Variance $175
Waiver $175

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

 Type Rate
Small-scale $500
Large-scale map and text Amendments $1,000
Development of Regional Impact $500 + fees and costs allowed by State law
Development Agreement $500

Zoning Amendments

 Type Rate
Zoning Text Amendment $500
Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) $500

Planned Unit Development

 Type Rate
Preliminary Preliminary subdivision plat fee
Final Final subdivision plat + rezoning fees

Site Plan

 Type Rate
Minor Amendment for lot less than one (1) acre $50
All others $350 for first acre + $25 for each additional acre


 Type Rate
Preliminary $200 + $5/lot
Final $400 + $5/lot + City surveyor certification cost
Recording Actual recording fees + $25