Sustainable Cocoa

The City of Cocoa is taking steps towards creating an more sustainable and resilient community. In 2018, the Sustainability Advisory Committee was created to focus on areas within the City in need improvement.   From its inception, the Committee has been focused on developing a draft Sustainability Action Plan (SAP).  During this same time, the City of Cocoa applied and was awarded three (3) grants to help the City become more resilient, which leads to a more sustainable Cocoa.   

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Community Based Resiliency Grant
  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity - Community Planning and Technical Assistance Grant
  • Department of Commerce EDA - Create business disaster preparedness and recovery plans

The Committee's mission is to assist the City is developing a Sustainability and Resiliency Plan.  To help in this process, the City of Cocoa adopted the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council Resiliency Action Plan in March 2019.  This plan will be incorporated with the Sustainability Action Plan to create one plan for the future.

  1. Jennifer L. Riggs


  1. Robert Musser

    Vice Chair

  1. Linda Gombert

  1. Melissa Martin

  1. Angelique Rinaldi

  1. Josephine Shim

  1. Marlene Weiss

  1. Kaylyn Palmer