Standard Code Case Process


The ultimate goal of Code Enforcement is to work together with residents to gain voluntary compliance. The flowchart above is the standard progression of how cases are processed. Although Code Enforcement Officers have discretionary power to vary from this progression, due process must still be given to the violator per Florida State Statute. The severity of the violation, the number of previous violations and the effort made to come into compliance by the violator are all factors considered in the amount of time given to comply.

Photo showing the code complaint process. Text explanation is posted below the photo.
Code Process by Steps as shown in diagram above:
1. Inspection Conducted
2. Violation  Found
3. Take Photos
4. Send Violation Letter
5. Follow-up Inspection
6. Take Photos
7. Send Notice of Violation
8. Follow-Up Inspection
9. Take Photos
10. Schedule for hearing
11. Follow-Up Inspection
12. Take Photos
13. Schedule for Non-Compliance
14. Lien is Recorded.