Burglars Pose as Water Employees

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6 PM


Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division would like to warn the public about a burglary scam taking place in cities around Florida’s East Coast. The latest victim was an 89-year-old Cocoa woman who lost approximately $5,000 worth of jewelry.

 On Monday evening, patrol officers responded to the 300 block of Pomolo Street after the victim called to report she was the victim of a burglary. The woman told officers that earlier in the day around 4 p.m., two men knocked on her door telling her they were from the “water department”. She unsuspectingly let them inside her home. According to the woman, the men said they needed to test her water because a nearby line was broken. She reported the men asked her to go into the kitchen and run the water and watch for a red dye to come out. While she stayed in the kitchen the two men went into her bedroom and stole her jewelry. The woman did not realize she had been victimized until a few hours later.

 Detectives say this is a scam that has been perpetrated multiple times in the Vero Beach area. A crime analyst is currently working to gather information about any other similar crimes in the area. The two individuals did not represent the Cocoa Utility nor did they state they were from the City of Cocoa, only that they were from the “water department”. The only description provided was the men were white males, average build and one was wearing a ball cap.

 If a person comes to your home claiming to represent a public service such as a utility and you are not expecting them, it is best to ask for credentials and/or contact the company or utility they claim to represent and verify their information. It is also recommended to immediately report suspicious persons to police by calling the local police department’s non-emergency line. In Cocoa, residents can call the non-emergency line at 321-639-7620. Residents can also send a text or email with photo attachments to dropadime@cocoapolice.com. This information will be kept confidential.