Florida Special Building Codes

In Cocoa, we adopted additional regulations and grant some exceptions to the Florida Building Code. For these reasons, if you intend to build, you really need to call or visit the Building Division.

The National Flood Insurance Program

As members of this federal program, we have flood maps on file and for distribution, or you may call to find out if your home or business is in a Flood Hazard Zone. Minimum elevations of floors and equipment are set forth by FEMA to minimize flood-related claims. (Flood = Rising Water)

Minimum Floor Elevations

Due to the dangers of electrocution after or during heavy rains, City Council passed an ordinance to require a minimum clearance from the outside grade to the finished floor inside. (Some homeowners have converted garages, carports, and covered decks into living areas that flood.) If you are buying a home, make sure that none of the rooms are at or below grade. (Rainwater in your house is not covered by Flood insurance.)

Hurricane Protection Devices

Make sure that you see Certified Laboratory Testing Results, secure a permit, and be sure to call the building division before you invest your cash.

Unsafe Buildings

A building is unsafe when it is unsecured, rundown, and dilapidated to the extent that it is a danger to its occupants or passers by. An unsafe building must be secured from entry, and then either repaired or demolished by the owner within the time limits established by Code Enforcement.