Lieutenant Retires after 32-Years of Service


Friday, April 28, 2017 11:49 AM


(Cocoa, FL)—Lt. John Massey officially retired Friday after 32-years of dedicated service to the citizens of Cocoa. Lt. Massey is most recognized for his work in traffic enforcement and his expertise as a police motor instructor. He is credited with advancing the department’s motor unit and for developing and maintaining the agency’s traffic enforcement protocols and special operations.

 Lt. Massey began his career with the Cocoa Police Department in May, 1985. He worked his way through the ranks from patrol officer to field training officer, detective, sergeant and supervisor. He also served as a sergeant supervisor in the Criminal Investigations Division and was later promoted to lieutenant. At various points throughout his tenure, Lt. Massey served in command positions over support services, investigations, patrol operations, K-9, SWAT and traffic enforcement. “I appreciate everything you’ve done for the agency, and for all of us. We will miss you,” said Chief Mike Cantaloupe during a special presentation at police headquarters Friday. “The door is always open anytime you want to come back you’re welcome.”

 “It’s been an honor serving with you,” said Lt. Rob Bobay, who worked with Lt. Massey for 23 years.

 “It’s always been a pleasure and we thank you for serving the city for so many years,” said Deputy Mayor Don Boisvert.

 “The brave men and women such as yourselves that go out there and risk your life on a daily basis and do what you do, it takes guts, pride and dedication to do that so we thank you for what you’ve done,” said Councilman Clarence Whipple. “Congratulations on your retirement.”

 Lt. Massey is retired with the honorary rank of Major.