Motorcycle Group Helps Officer Leitch

Thursday, May 11, 2017 2:22 PM

Motorcycle Group Helps Officer Leitch with Special Donation

A local motorcycle group stopped by police headquarters Thursday morning to meet Officer Rickford Leitch, and they brought with them a very special gift. The Nam Knights, a motorcycle group of law enforcement and military veterans presented Officer Leitch and his wife with $1,100 following a fundraiser they held at Wickham Park. Officer Leitch was part of a police motor escort of the Moving Wall Vietnam Memorial when he crashed into a vehicle that pulled in front of him during the escort. The driver of that vehicle fled the scene and was arrested by Rockledge Police a few days later. “We were part of the ride that day,” said Dale Borchers, president of the Daytona and Brevard Chapter of the Nam Knights. “He helped us that day and now we want to help him.”

Officer Leitch spent more than four days in the hospital and endured two surgeries to repair both hands which were seriously injured in the crash. He will be spending the next few months in therapy to recover full use of his hands before he is able to return to work. His wife has taken leave from her job to help him recover. “I’m feeling better every day,” Leitch said. “It’s quite a process. I went to the hand doctor recently and I realize how much more difficult the process will be getting to back to one hundred percent. But I’m committed to first getting back to 100 percent, secondly getting back to work.”

Leitch thanked all those who have reached out to help including his law enforcement colleagues and random citizens. It could be several months before he is able to return to work.