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The City of Cocoa Building Division is dedicated to providing reliable customer service for all of your permitting needs as well as ensuring safety for all of our residents through strict enforcement of the Florida Building code, State Statutes and City Ordinances.

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The City of Cocoa is now offering online permitting services.  You can apply for a permit, download forms, upload all required documents, check the status of your permit, pay fees, view policies, view submittal requirements and schedule inspections through our new online portal, powered by Citizenserve.  

You can now apply online for ALL permits in Citizenserve.  

New permit fees go into effect on October 1, 2022 per Resolution 2022-085.  

New permit fees are listed below.

Permit Application Processing Fee - $25

Miscellaneous Permit Fee ScheduleResidential Occupancy Fee
Concrete Slab$75
Construction Trailer$75
Exterior Siding$75
Fences / Masonry Wall / Retaining Wall$75
Hurricane Shutters (non-electric)$75
HVAC (replacement only) ONE AHU and or ONE Condenser unit --- Over 1 unit to be charged based on value$75
Land clearing$75
Sign (non-illuminated / temporary)$75
Swimming Pool (above ground)$75
Swimming Pool repair$75
Tent (temporary)$75
Miscellaneous Permit Fee Schedule
Construction Trailer


Construction Valuation Fees are calculated as follows:

Residential - First $1,000 = $75     AND  $1,001+ = $75 plus $4 per $1,000

Commercial - First $1,000 + $100   AND  $1,001+ = $100 plus $6 per $1,000

Building Code (Residential & Non Residential) - Chapter 170

Permit Application Processing Fee$25
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy$100 per request
Extension of Time$50
Re-inspection Fee (1st is free)2nd - $75 / 3rd - $100 / 4th and over $125
Re-Issue Permit (change of contractor, subcontractor, owner)$50
Electrical Meter Reset Inspection$50
Review and Stamp of additional set of plans$10 per page
Work without a permit**Up to 4 times the permit fee amount
Failure to schedule a final inspection$100
Flood Plain Review (Chapter 174)$75
Adding Electrical Subcontractor to permit$75
Adding Plumbing Subcontractor to permit
Adding Mechanical Subcontractor to permit
Change of Contractor$50

**This provision shall not apply to emergency work when delay would clearly have placed life or property in imminent danger. However, in all cases the required permit(s) must be submitted within two (2) business days and any unreasonable delay in obtaining those permit(s) shall result in a penalty of one hundred percent (100%) of the usual permit fee in addition to the required permit fees. The Building Official may grant extensions of time or waive penalty fees when justifiable cause has been demonstrated in writing.


There will be no after hours, specific time or same day inspections scheduled.   AM or PM will be the only selection option and inspections are conducted between 8:00AM and 4:00PM, during the City’s operational days.


Permit fee refunds: No refund will be granted on any permit with a fee of less than the base residential fee or base commercial fee. For permits having a fee in excess of the base permit fee, up to fifty percent (50%) of the amount in excess of the base fee may be refunded, provided a written request with the original permit attached is submitted to the building official within ninety (90) days of the permit’s date of issuance. Such written request should state the reasons the refund is requested. The Building Official may, in the Building Official’s sole discretion and upon good cause, authorize a refund of any permit fee in excess of the base fee.

New Fire Permit Fees go into effect on October 1, 2022 per Resolution 2022-086

Fire Plan Review FeesMandatory per FS 553.79
Construction Value under $1,000$100
Construction Value over $1,000$50 PLUS .0035 X Value
Plan Revisions$5 per page ($50 minimum charge)
Design Review Fee (if significant changes are necessary)$150
Failure to schedule final fire inspection$100
Specific New Construction Inspection Fees

Underground Inspection/Flush$100
Underground Hydro$200
Fire Sprinkler Hydro$200
Fire Sprinkler System Inspection$150 per floor/riser
Fire Alarm System Inspection/Test$150 per floor/riser
Fire Pump Inspection/Test$100
Hood Inspection (Light Test & Balance)$100
Automatic Extinguishing System Inspection/Test$100
BD System Inspection/Test$150
Smoke Evacuation System Inspection/Test$200 per floor
All Inspections with LESS than 24 hours notice$75 in addition to the above fees
Building Only - Fire Finals

Building Fire FinalIncluded with Permit
First Re-inspection$0
All Other Re-inspections$75
Post Temporary CO Inspections$75
All Inspections with LESS than 24 hours notice$75 in addition to the above fees

The city reserves the right to require that the applicant submit additional information to the extent the information is required to determine that the construction will be completed in accordance with all applicable law.

Building Division

Telephone:  321.433.8501 or 321.433.8502


Office:  65 Stone Street, Cocoa, FL 32922

Office Hours:  M-F - 8:00AM - 5:00PM (Payments accepted between 8:00AM and 4:30PM)


Building construction plans review, permitting and inspection of any building or plan ensure compliance with the Florida Building and Fire Codes and local code requirements incidental to:

  • Construction
  • Alteration
  • Repair
  • Demolition
  • Use and occupancy of buildings, structures, or premises

All permits applied for on or after December 31, 2020 will be required to meet the 2020 Florida Building Code and the 2017 National Electric Code.

Customer Service

Building and Permitting is committed to expediting the construction permitting and local business tax receipt licensing process. For information about permitting and licensing, please visit the Building Permits and Cocoa Business Tax Receipt pages.


The Local Business Tax Receipt Program licenses businesses throughout the City of Cocoa.

Building Permit and Inspection Utilization Report FY2023

Pursuant to Florida Statute 553.80, by December 31, 2023, the governing body of a local government that provides a schedule of fees shall create a building permit and inspection utilization report and post the report on its website. The information in the report shall be derived from relevant information available in the most recently completed financial audit.  After December 31, 2023, the governing body of a local government that provides a schedule of fees shall update its building permit and inspection utilization report before making any adjustments to the fee schedule.

The City’s fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.  The below information is derived between that period for the fiscal year.  Below please find the Building Permit and Inspection Utilization Report for Fiscal Year 2023.

  1. Direct and indirect costs incurred by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code, including costs related to:
    • Personnel services costs, including salary and related employee benefit costs incurred by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code $544,771
    • Operating expenditures and expenses $88,765

  2. Permit and inspection utilization information, including:
    • Number of building permit applications submitted  1,800
    • Number of building permits issued or approved  1,778
    • Number of building inspection and reinspections requested  5,800
    • Number of building inspection and reinspections conducted  5,800
    • Number of building inspections conducted by a private provider  400 
    • Number of audits conducted by the local government of private provider building inspections  50
    • Number of personnel dedicated by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code, issued building permits, and conduct inspections  5 
    • Other permissible activities for enforcing the Florida Building Code as described in the subparagraph (a)1   - On site scope of permit revision

  3. Revenue information, including: 
    • Revenue derived from fees pursuant to paragraph (a)  $659,397
    • Revenue derived from fines pursuant to paragraph (a) $0 
    • When applicable, investment earnings from the local government's investment of revenue derived from fees and fines pursuant to paragraph (a) $17,524
    • Balances carried forward by the local government pursuant to paragraph (a)  $197,416
    • Balances refunded by the local government pursuant to paragraph (a)  $0
    • Revenue derived from other sources, including local government general revenue  $0

FEMA Flood Zone Information

Updated flood zone information and map drawings are available from the following link. The maps are large and will take time to open.

FEMA Flood Zone Data

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