Public Relations

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City of Cocoa Communications Policy and Procedure.  An administrative policy establishing guidelines applicable to all City Employees (full-time, part-time and volunteers) which are under the direction and supervision of the City Manager.  The purpose of these guidelines is to coordinate and manage the communication activities of City employees related to official City business in order to ensure accuracy, consistency and timeliness in relaying information to employees, departments, members of the media, the citizens of Cocoa and the public at large. 
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Comm Policy
  1. Now Accepting Applications for the Cocoa Works Summer Youth Employment Program

    The City of Cocoa is now accepting applications from Juniors and Seniors in Cocoa for the Cocoa Works Summer Youth Employment Program. Read on...
  2. 2019 Hydrant Assessment and Repair Program

    The Cocoa Utilities Department is responsible for over 6,000 fire hydrants located throughout our water distribution system. Regularly preventative maintenance extends the life of the equipment and reduces the chance of future failure. Read on...