Community Camera Registration Program

Make Your Private Security Camera a Crime Fighting Tool!

Chief Mike Cantaloupe announces the creation of new database designed to help patrol officers and detectives solve crimes. The new Community Camera Registration program allows residents and businesses an opportunity to provide information regarding private security cameras located throughout the city. The information can be entered online via the police department's secure web page and is kept confidential. It allows department personnel to know in advance where private security cameras are located which can assist in evidence gathering during criminal investigations, suspicious incidents, missing persons investigations or other activity that may require police attention.

“Video is everything these days,” said Chief Mike Cantaloupe. “If we know in advance where these cameras are located, it will certainly speed up our investigations and help us solve crimes.

The information provided to the secure database will be kept confidential. The primary goal of the city’s private security camera registration program is to afford residents and businesses an opportunity to voluntarily assist the Cocoa Police Department in deterring crime and promoting public safety. It is part of a focused effort under the department’s Community Watch Program which promotes the national “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign.