Junny Omar Rios Martinez


Sharing a message from the mother of JUNNY RIOS MARTINEZ who we remember always:

April 17, 2016
Tomorrow April 18 will mark 26 years since little Junny left us. He woud be 37 yrs old. This year he sent us a message.
Waiting on the Other Side
I know you wonder where I have gone
I know you worry into each new dawn
I’ve seen the tears inside your heart
As if they could wish me back to the start
I hear the pain in the words not spoken
And feel your heart all shattered and broken
Know I’m here with you each moment of the day
I keep trying to reach you in so many different ways

Look with wonder at everything you see
I’m trying to get your attention to look for me
Feel the breeze blow gently upon your face
The wind in your hair I will leave my trace
The butterfly that passes by a strangers’ nod saying Hi
In the rain drops falling or in a cloudy blue sky
In sunrises or sunsets from the moon and the tides
I’m trying to tell you I’m always by your side

Sometimes I ring you and you find no one there
I turn on lights or music my energy is every where
From your point of view I may be gone and out of site
But I assure you I am very much alive and have a life
All my questions have been answered I now clearly see
That the plan was much grandeur than I knew it to be
So know I’ll be waiting for you I never really died
And I am still trying to reach you from the other side
Vicki Rios Martinez
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