Shop Owners Suspected of Using Convenience Store to Sell "K2""

Wednesday, December 9,2015 4:06 p.m.
Agents with the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) arrested a shop owner and his partner for drug related charges following an investigation into illegal drugs being sold from their store. At approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday agents served a search warrant at the Chevron Food Mart, 2700 North Cocoa Blvd. The owner, identified as Salim Adili, (DOB 12-21-1966) and another male whose identity is still being verified, were inside the store and detained. The search warrant yielded a significant amount of synthetic marijuana packaged for sale and other paraphernalia associated with the use and consumption of the drug most commonly referred to as “spice” or “K2”. “We suspect they have been selling a significant amount of the drug from the store for several months,” said SIU Sgt. Jeremy Ondo. “Synthetic marijuana is considered more dangerous because of the unidentified chemical components used to manufacture it. There have been cases where people have used it and ended up hospitalized with serious side effects.”

The suspects are charged with felony possession and sale of synthetic marijuana. The owner is facing an additional misdemeanor alcohol related charge. The investigation is ongoing.