Agent Michael Dellatorre
Agt Michael Dellatorre was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit at the beginning of 2004. This unit was very effective and productive. Agt Dellatorre was the senior officer on the unit, he guided the younger officer and took charge in the absence of the supervisor. The numbers speak for them selves, this unit made more Felony and Misdemeanor arrest in its short 4 months of existence, then any other street crimes unit before it.

Agt Dellatorre was then resigned to the HUD / weed and seed unit again. He took the community policing to a new level in our department. He has spent many hours working with the troubled youth in the weed and seed area. He helped open a new safe haven in conjunction with the weed and seed group.

He was responsible for a summer program “Camp DEFY” that took at risk youth from the high crime areas of our city and educated them with regards to drugs, violence, anger management, and self worth. This program was a week long and the children lived with the officer at a housing complex at Patrick Air Force Base. Agt Dellatorre spent 16-18 hour days during this week. Much was on his own time, he would show up in the morning and get the children up and fed. He would stay all day and finally leave only after they we all tucked in bed. This created a hardship at home, because Agt Dellatorre has two small children of his own.

Agt Dellatorre also worked with the Youth Leadership Council, which is comprised of young adults, ages 16-19 years of age. He would meet with them and help plan events such as dances, where he would chaperone. He also helped organized field trips were he also chaperoned. He also helped them with community projects such as yard clean ups for the elderly. Most of this was on his own time.

He was also on the committee that put on the “Youth Drug Free Summit”. This summit was about anti-gun violence, which Agt Dellatorre was a lead instructor. He spoke to the young people with a passion that would capture their attention. He was also responsible for finding and bringing the main speaker for the event from Georgia. The main speaker, Shawn Jackson, was outstanding and the feedback from the youth was unbelievable, along with the adults who had attended a training course the day before.

Agt. Dellatorre was then asked to fill an empty Sergeants slot on midnight shift. Without hesitation, he accepted the position and performed outstandingly. After 7 months, Sgt Baker returned from his military duties and Agt Dellatorre was returned to patrol. He then scored 2nd on the sergeants promotional exam.

Agt. Dellatorre was assigned to the Special Investigative Unit were he is currently serving as a vice agent.

During this year, he was an active Field Training Officer, which trained several officers, He was promoted to Honor Guard Team Leader position where he has represented our department in several functions such as funerals, and police memorial week.

Agt. Dellatorre was promoted from SWAT Sniper to SWAT Team Leader Position. Mike will tell you this has been a major highlight in his career. He is very passionate when it comes to the SWAT Team. He has been on SWAT since the team was founded in October of 1997. He leads by example and truly looks out for the welfare of his fellow teammates.

Along with all of his other duties, he still is the department’s senior firearms instructor, chemical instructor, taser instructor, less lethal impact munitions instructor and finds time to teach at the Brevard Community College Police Academy. He has helped write policy for the accreditation process along with so much more.

Agt. Mike Dellatorre is a highly dedicated and professional officer that bring credit to the City of Cocoa and the Cocoa Police department.