Glenda Glenette Lewis

Cold Case Profile
Victims Name:
Glenda Glennette Lewis (B/F 09/08/1971)
Date of Offense:
Time of Offense:
Location of Offense:
1511 Cambridge Dr
Police Case Number:

Investigative NarrativeLewis

On Friday, December 30, 2011, police were called to 1511 Cambridge Drive, Cocoa. Initially the call came in as a domestic disturbance, but police quickly learned that Glenda Glennette Lewis was dead and the disturbance heard over the phone was Lewis’ family detaining her estranged boyfriend, who had spent the night in Lewis’ home.

Lewis and her boyfriend had a long history of domestic violence, with the police being called to her residence at least six times in the six months prior to her death. Witnesses told police that Lewis kicked her boyfriend out of her home in October of 2011, and had obtained a restraining order against him. However, just two weeks before her death, against the advice of her family and friends, at Lewis’ request, the injunction was rescinded.

An autopsy performed on Lewis was inconclusive, with the Medical Examiner unable to determine the cause of death.
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