Patricia Ann Duncan

Cold Case Profile

Victims Name:

Patricia Ann Duncan (B/F 01/03/1970)

Date of Offense:


Time of Offense:


Location of Offense:

440 Railroad Ave.

Police Case Number:


Investigative NarrativeDuncan

On August 14, 1989 Patricia Ann Duncan was released from the Brevard County Detention Center. She failed to report to her Probation Officer on August 17, 1989 and missed a court appearance on August 24, 1989. On January 08, 1990, Duncan was reported missing by her mother. On January 30, 1990, unidentified skeletal remains were located in a field next to the railroad tracks. These remains were later identified as those of Patricia Duncan. Duncan was described as a known drug user and prostitute standing approximately 5'4" and weighing approximately 110-120 lbs.
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