Lewis Bryson

Cold Case Profile

Victims Name:

Lewis Bryson (B/M 01/16/1903)

Date of Offense:


Time of Offense:


Location of Offense:

10 Travis St.

Police Case Number:


Investigative NarrativeLewis Bryson

Bryson has been missing from his former residence at 10 Travis Street, Cocoa Florida, since Tuesday, July 20, 1982. Bryson was last seen walking on State Road 520 west towards Interstate 95. At the time he was 5’07” tall, and weighted approximate 155 pounds. He was slightly thinner than the attached picture. The picture was taken in 1979. Bryson used a cane to walk with, wears glasses, took medications, and was diagnosed as slightly senile. Bryson did not have any identification on his person at the time of his disappearance.

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