Mary Sue Cobb

Cold Case Profile

Victims Name:

Mary Sue Cobb (W/F 03/30/1955)

Date of Offense:


Time of Offense:

Early Morning Hours

Location of Offense:

535 Main St.

Police Case Number:


Investigative NarrativeMary Sue Cobb

In the early morning hours of April 23, 1982, Mary Sue Cobb drove her husband to work and dropped him off prior to returning home. When her husband could not reach her, he became worried and obtained a ride home to check on her. Cobb was found murdered in her home; stabbed several times and sexually assaulted. A suspect was developed early on in the investigation and was ultimately arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to death. The conviction was reversed and the suspect was granted a new trial, during which he was acquitted in 1987 and released.

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