Cocoa Fire Crew Recognized for Lifesaving Rescue 

In June, Cocoa Firefighters were recognized by Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital for their lifesaving work to rescue a 12-year-old male resident who was experiencing an exacerbated asthma attack. In the late evening of May 15, Cocoa Engine 31 with LT/Paramedic Hutchinson, Driver Operator/Paramedic Holt, Fire Fighter/EMT Marcantonio, and Fire Fighter/EMT Mendoza and Brevard County Rescue 45 were dispatched to the residence. When Engine 31 arrived the patient was in the arms of his father, unresponsive and not breathing effectively. DO/Paramedic Holt began to assist the patient's breathing by administering positive pressure ventilations and nebulized medications to relax the patient's lungs to allow for better air exchange. The patient remained in serious condition and was eventually transferred to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando where he has made a complete recovery. Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital reached out to the Cocoa Fire Department to honor and recognize these employees for their quick thinking and life saving techniques that helped this young man make a complete recovery.

group photo of Cocoa Fire and Brevard County crews receiving recognition