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1. What is annexation?
2. Does my property qualify for annexation?
3. Why does the City want to annex our land?
4. How is property annexed?
5. What are the benefits of being annexed into the City of Cocoa?
6. How will annexation impact the zoning on my property?
7. What about City garbage collection services and rates?
8. Will the City require me to connect to the sewer system?
9. Will my water utility costs increase if I’m annexed into Cocoa city limits?
10. When will I see the change in my taxes reflected?
11. How much is the City of Cocoa’s mileage rate?
12. What are the costs associated with annexing into the City of Cocoa?
13. Will my property taxes change upon annexation?
14. What will my Fire Assessment Fee be?
15. Will annexation affect school district boundaries?
16. How will annexation affect law and fire protection services?
17. How will annexation affect my home-based business?
18. I have livestock. Can I keep them?
19. Will I have to go through the City’s permit process if I’ve already received a permit from the County?

Building Permits

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1. When a permit is required?
2. When a permit is not required?

City Clerk

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1. What are the fees for obtaining copies of public records?
2. How can I apply for an additional Homestead Exemption?
3. What is the telephone number of the Cocoa Chamber of Commerce?
4. Call about a traffic ticket I received in Cocoa?
5. Who can I call to come and pick up a stray or dead animal?
6. How do I find out who owns a piece of property in Cocoa?
7. I can't find the Cocoa Housing Authority in the phone book. Can you help me?
8. Who do I call about child support?
9. How do I get a marriage license?
10. Do you have an address and phone number for the dump?
11. Who do I call about trash collection?


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1. Where do I send my invoice?


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1. Can I burn trash in the City of Cocoa?
2. How do I become a Cocoa Firefighter?
3. Do you have volunteer firefighters?
4. Can I get a tour of a Cocoa fire station?
5. Why does a fire truck come when I call for an ambulance?
6. Does Cocoa own a ladder truck?

Home Page

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1. Are there any new housing developments in Cocoa?
2. Are there any schools, colleges and universities in Cocoa?
3. What is the population in Cocoa?
4. Where is Cocoa located?

Leisure Services

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1. How do I book an event at the City of Cocoa facilities?
2. What are the capacities for facilities?
3. When is the remainder of my rental balance due?
4. Can I have alcohol at my event?
5. What time do the facilities close?
6. Who is responsible for cleaning the facility after an event?
7. What happens if I go over my contracted time for my event?
8. How can I get more information on upcoming events?
9. What times does the Riverfront Park Fountain Run?
10. How do I get information on the Craft Fairs in the Village?

Planning and Zoning

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1. How do I find information about a property?
2. What is the zoning on a property?
3. Is my property in the City of Cocoa?
4. What are "Annexations"?
5. What are "Redevelopment Areas"?

Police Department

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1. How do I get a copy of a police report?
2. Can I make a police report at any time of day and do I need to make an appointment?
3. Can I make a police report over the telephone or does a police officer have to come to my house?
4. Does the police department do fingerprinting, and when can I have my fingerprints done?
5. We have a problem with speeders in our neighborhood. What can we do about it?
6. Can I have the police department run a tag, check a driver's license, or see if there is a warrant for someone?
7. Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?
8. Someone has abandoned a junk car in my parking lot or on my property. Can the police tow it away for me?
9. How do I apply for a position with the police department?
10. How can I find out if someone is in jail, when someone in jail can be visited and any other information about persons in jail?
11. What if I have a question about the status of my case?
12. Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?
13. My friend or relative is overdue returning home. How can I find out if they were in a traffic accident?
14. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?
15. What do you have to do to become a police officer? How do you get in the police academy?

Police Department - Criminal Investigation Division

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1. What happens to my case after I report it?
2. How long will it take to have my case investigated?
3. Who decides whether or not my case will be prosecuted?
4. Tell me about Child Abuse?
5. How can people help combat child abuse?
6. How does the Cocoa Police Department investigate child abuse?
7. Tell me about narcotics (drug use) in Cocoa.

Police Department - School Resource Officer

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1. What is a School Resource Officer?
2. What do SROs do?
3. Who is my child's S.R.O.?
4. How can I contact my child's SRO?
5. Are the Schools so bad we need SROs?

Police Department - Sexual Predators and Offenders

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1. What constitutes a Sexual Predator?
2. What constitutes a Sexual Offender?

Police Department - Volunteer Program

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1. What is a V-COP?
2. What do V-COPS do?
3. Who can be a V-COP?

Public Works - Capital Projects

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1. How do I find out what Capital Projects are out to Bid?

Public Works - Facilities Maintenance

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1. Who do I contact about City Buildings?

Public Works - Garbage Collection

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1. Who do I call if my garbage or recycling collection was missed?
2. What is included in my solid waste service?
3. When is my garbage collected?
4. When should I place my garbage container at the curb?
5. What items cannot be picked up?
6. How is yard waste collected?
7. Do you collect on holidays?
8. What goes in my Recycle Container?

Public Works - Grounds Maintenance

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1. Who maintains the parks, right of ways and passive areas?

Public Works - Stormwater

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1. Who do I call for street flooding?
2. How do I get a public property drainage ditch or pipe cleaned out or inspected?

Public Works - Streets

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1. Who do I call to get a pothole repaired?
2. How do I report a traffic signal that is not working?
3. How do I report a damaged street signs?
4. Can I get A Stop Sign installed?
5. Who should I contact to report trees or hedges blocking roadways, street lights, or traffic control devices?
6. How can I get Speed Humps?
7. How can I report a pot hole or find out when my street is scheduled for resurfacing?
8. How can I get a sidewalk repaired?
9. How can I get my street swept?

U.S. 1 Widening & Beautification Project

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1. What does the project entail?
2. What is the project timeline?
3. What is the City’s contribution to this project?
4. What is the current status of the project?
5. Who can I contact with questions and/or concerns regarding the project?
6. Where can I find more information regarding the road-widening project?


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Service Changes

2. How do I start utility service?
3. How much is the administration fee for new accounts and transfers?
4. How do I terminate my account?
5. If my service has been terminated for non-payment, how do I get my water back on?
6. Bills and Payments
7. How can I pay my bill? Where should I mail my payment?
8. How often will I be billed?
9. What occurs if my payment is late?
10. Why do I have two late fees on one bill?
11. What are eChecks (or Electronic Checks)?
12. What are e-Notifications or e-Bills?
13. What happens if I don't receive a bill?


15. What is the amount of the water deposit?
16. What is the amount of the sewer deposit?
17. How much are the commercial deposits?
18. Will my deposit be refunded?

High Consumption and Leaks

20. Does the City of Cocoa pay interest on deposits?
21. How can I receive a credit if I have a leak?
22. How can I receive a credit for a pool fill?
23. Meters and Reading the Meter
24. How does Cocoa read the meter when it is covered by dirt or under water?
25. Who owns the water meter?
26. What is the watering restriction?
27. Does Cocoa ever estimate water meter readings?
28. How do we know the meter did not speed up?
29. How can I read my water meter?

Water Line Breaks

31. What if I have a water line break?
32. What if I have a water line break after hours or on weekends?


34. Are there any Senior Citizen or Disabled Citizen discounts?
35. What is a cross connection?

Water Quality Questions

37. Why do I sometimes see black particles in my water?
38. I had my water tested for free and they are saying I have some issues with my water, is my water safe?
39. Is tap water safe to be used for kidney dialysis?
40. Can I use regular tap water in my aquarium?
41. Can you recommend a water treatment device?
42. Is bottled water safer than tap water?
43. My tap water has a brown, red, or yellow color tint, what can I do?
44. My tap water sometimes looks milky or opaque, why is that?
45. The aerators on my faucets have white particles on them and there are white particles in my water. What is this?
46. Why is there white residue sometimes on my dishes, the shower, and in the ice cubes?
47. Why is it hard to get the soap off my hands, body, hair, clothes or car? (Hardness of water?)
48. Sometimes I smell an odor coming from my tap. What could this be?
49. My water smells and tastes like chlorine or bleach, what can I do?
50. Is fluoride in my drinking water?
51. What is the red/pink tinted stuff in my shower, toilet, or pet bowl?
52. What if I did not find an answer to my question about Drinking Water?

Utilities - Engineering

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1. How do I get a residential water meter?

Wastewater Reclamation

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1. What size service line will I need?
2. When do I start payment under Cocoa's financing terms?
3. What is the monthly charge for using reclaimed water? (subject to change)
4. What is the one-time cost for connecting to the reclaimed water system?