Lieutenant John Massey

Lieutenant John Massey


Lt. John Massey is currently a patrol watch commander, and is responsible for managing the traffic unit. He is associated with the Police Training Organization and certified police motor instructor.

Lt. Massey was born and raised in Brevard County with most of his younger years spent on north Merritt Island. Back then, the area was mostly orange groves, and he grew up doing the things that kids do: hunting, fishing, camping, and learning to drive on the abundant dirt roads in the groves. The era was a time when most people knew each other, at least casually; it was relatively safe and crime was not much of an issue. During his teen years he developed a passion for muscle cars and motorcycles. He still have a soft spot for 60’s and 70’s hot-rods, but the motorcycles remain to this day his primary enjoyment and hobby.

He was selected as a Rockledge Reserve Officer and spent nearly five years at their fine department before going to the police academy. He graduated the academy (one of the first academies to wear a uniform) in 1985, and was hired by Cocoa Police Department in May of that year.

Lt. Massey began as a Patrol Officer with the Cocoa Police Department, and also performed as one of the department's field training officers and later as a detective. As a sergeant, he worked as a patrol supervisor and later as the supervisor of the criminal investigations division (CID). He was later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and at various points in his tenure, he has had command of support services, CID, patrol watch commander, K-9, SWAT, and the traffic unit.

Through the years, he managed to get married and remain so to a very patient wife.  He has three children.