Code Enforcement

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This division is responsible for maintaining the standards for properties located throughout the City by inspection and enforcement.The division is tasked with enforcing all City code requirements, including the Property Maintenance Code and the Residential Rental Program.

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The following paragraphs highlight our codes, presented in informal terms, are meant to be general information, and not legally binding. The complete code is available from the City Clerk's office for a nominal fee.

High Grass & Weeds

Grass should not be above 12 inches high. Mowing the right of way adjoining your property is also your responsibility.

Prohibited Signs

Private signs are generally prohibited on public property. Commercial signs need a permit no matter where they are. For further information, contact the Planning & Zoning Division at (321) 433-8535.

Domestic (Farm) Animals

Domestic animals (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) are prohibited within the City limits.

Cats & Dogs

Keeping more than four is prohibited if they are not kittens or pups (not more than six months old).

Marshlands or Swamps

Creating a breeding place for mosquitoes and dangerous reptiles is prohibited.

Storing of Abandoned Vehicles, Junk, Scrap & Parts

This is prohibited.

Discarding Waste

Littering is prohibited.

Obstructing the Public Right of Way

This is prohibited without a permit.

Attractive Nuisance

The following are prohibited, as they are attractions to young children at play and lure them into unsafe situations. - Unprotected swimming pools, unsecured vacant homes, abandoned refrigerators, etc.

Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as Occupational License)

These are required for any business operating or having an office in the city, including businesses that operate from a residence and commercial and/or residential rental property.

Junk Autos or Any Other Junk Visible from Bordering Property or Right of Way

This is prohibited.

Drainage and / or Erosion to Adjoining Property

This is prohibited. When building anything with a roof that sheds water, you have to make sure that the runoff does no damage to your neighbor's property.

Deteriorated or Unrepaired Buildings Visible from Public Property

These are prohibited. The home must be unsightly and detrimentally affect the neighborhood's value in order for there to be a violation.