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City of Cocoa Communications Policy and Procedure.  An administrative policy establishing guidelines applicable to all City Employees (full-time, part-time and volunteers) which are under the direction and supervision of the City Manager.  The purpose of these guidelines is to coordinate and manage the communication activities of City employees related to official City business in order to ensure accuracy, consistency and timeliness in relaying information to employees, departments, members of the media, the citizens of Cocoa and the public at large. 
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Comm Policy
  1. Cocoa Approves Zoning Amendment to Attract New Business Opportunities in the Space Industry

    Cocoa City Council approved an ordinance to amend the Manufacturing and Industrial District to expand business opportunities in the city Read on...
  2. Statement from Mayor Parrish on the recent drowning incident at Bracco Pond

  3. Councilmembers & City Mgr Appointed to Serve on FL League of Cities Legislative Policy Committees

    Cocoa’s City Councilmembers, Brenda Warner and Jeri Blanco and City Manager, John A. Titkanich, Jr. Appointed to Serve on Florida League of Cities 2017-2018 Legislative Policy Committees Read on...
  4. City's Offender Reentry Program Designed to Rehabilitate and Reduce Crime

    A restructured contract for the city of Cocoa’s landscaping services is now being used to help convicted felons rehabilitate and reenter society as productive, contributing individuals. Read on...